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Vision Lighting Corporation (VLC) was conceived and started by David L. Boon and Raj K. Chowdhury in 2002. VLC is a commercial lighting, signage service and maintenance company with a mission of reducing our client’s maintenance and energy costs with better, smarter lighting solutions.

Dave and Raj brought their collective learned experiences and business philosophy from the finance, computer and office supply industries and applied them toward forming a business model that became the foundation for VLC.

One year later, Tim Krider joined VLC as head electrician and operations manager. While Dave, Raj and Tim serve as the core management team at VLC, the company proudly employs a staff of 20 bright lighting professionals, without whom VLC would not be what it is today.

In the early days, VLC operated two divisions serving commercial clients – as a lighting supplies distributor and a lighting service and maintenance company.  From its humble beginnings, VLC quickly evolved and developed an energy savings division that offers clients a vertically integrated process, blending the benefits of new energy efficient lighting, aesthetically and ergonomically better lighting and sustainability through ecologically friendly and budget-friendly solutions.

Through 2007, VLC experienced rapid growth. During that same time, the company expanded from servicing commercial clients in Northern Indiana to working with customers in a five-state radius. In 2008, VLC built and moved its headquarters and warehouse to Arden Drive on the city’s Southwest side.

As a small business, the employees of VLC are proud of and humbled by the success that has come with hard work, professionalism and commitment to the customer. While it is easy to profess integrity, quality and ethics as many businesses do, VLC employees instead let their work and performance showcase those values.  As lighting professionals, VLC employees strive to be on the cutting edge through continuous education and industry improvements.

Solutions driven – with the client as the bedrock, integrity as the guiding principle and employees as the greatest asset, VLC strives to perfect their corporate mission as a small business towards community,  country as well as the planet and environment that nourish and sustain us all.


Bringing energy efficient innovative lighting solutions to your business through ecologically and budget friendly alternatives.



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